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Welcome Festival Directors!

Welcome to OB Marketing - we specialize in marketing for festivals; helping festivals bring in more guests, and get those guests to buy more tickets.

What we do...

Your festival is fun. Now let’s let the world know about it. Oranje Boven Marketing can handle all your festival marketing needs to drive traffic and ticket sales for your festival and show everyone all that your city has to offer. Here are some of the services we offer. And the best part? It’s a la carte, so we build the plan that you need, using only what you need.

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How we do it ...

We use a 4-step path that includes getting to know you and your audience, building a strategic plan, executing that plan, and learning and adapting after the festival.

From Tulip Time

Gwen Auwerda, Executive Director

“Ben at Oranje Boven has been handling our marketing efforts at Tulip Time since September 2021. He is very professional and has a great team around him to support social media, graphics, and other management needs. His knowledge of marketing supported by data has been very helpful to us. I highly recommend Oranje Boven!”

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Oranje Boven

We’ve fallen in love with festivals all over the country. They make people happy and drive local economies. They draw people to the fantastic, the awe-inspiring, the “wow” moments and create a sense of belonging for people from all walks of life because they’ve come together to celebrate whatever it is your festival celebrates.


Festivals take ordinary, mundane things like cherries, salmon, and asparagus and transform them into an indulgence of the senses where people from all over descend upon a small town and share joy with each other. Festivals make visitors happy. Festivals make towns proud of something.


We love festivals, and we want to use our marketing expertise to make festivals, and their communities, thrive. We have over 15 years of marketing experience. Let us use it to share the joy of your festival with as many people as possible.

From Circle Michigan

Lisa Kukulski, Marketing Manager

"Ben is an outstanding marketing professional.  His open lines of communication, creativity, and knowledge of market trends are what set Ben apart from other marketing professionals. He doesn’t hesitate to take on new challenges. Ben can be counted on to meet deadlines, maximize marketing dollars, and increase exposure. He will be an asset to any team looking to collaborate with an outside marketing agency."

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