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Full-Service marketing Agency Launched in Holland, MI - Oranje Boven

A new full-service marketing agency has launched in Holland, MI. Oranje Boven, owned by Ben De Vries, has begun offering marketing services, including consulting, branding, strategy, project management, sales support, lead generation, marketing technology consulting, storytelling, design, web, social, video, PR and copywriting.

Oranje Boven is able to offer a wide variety of services with top-quality by engaging with West Michigan's many talented individuals who have specialized their marketing and sales talents. By engaging a trusted core of gig workers, Oranje Boven is able to scale up or down to fit any size project, budget or need.

"We really want to focus on supporting West Michigan's small businesses," the agency's founder, Ben De Vries, said. "My grandparents moved to this country sixty years ago and built a life for their children by starting, running and growing small, family-owned businesses, their kids followed in their footsteps and created a great life and opportunity for my brother and me. Now, I want to help families do the same for their kids and grand kids. When owners are ready to start working on growing their businesses, and need a step up in the marketing realm, Oranje Boven is there to help."

The name, Oranje Boven, is derived from the Dutch national cheer heard when the Netherlands competes in international sports and is an homage to De Vries' heritage and the sacrifices and hard-work of his parents and grandparents that made a good life in the United States possible.

De Vries started his career in the family business, restructuring marketing departments and efforts, and has been involved in building advising strategy in small, family-owned businesses and fast-paced start-ups.

Oranje Boven is a full-service marketing agency found at

Ben can be contacted at

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