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How We Do It...

We can promise results like big revenue increases and record-breaking traffic to your festival because we've done it before and we've built a system that gets results. Take a little look at what we can do.

Step 1 - Preliminary Audience Analysis

Using some fancy AI software, we’ll be able to take a look at everyone who’s visited your festival for the last few years and see if you’re growing, slowing, or staying steady. From there, we’ll also be able to see the demographics and psychographics of the people visiting your festival. Want to see just how well we can get to know your audience? Request a free audience analysis here.

Step 2 - Strategic Plan

Now that we’ve looked at who’s coming to your festival, let’s look at how to bring more of those people in and how to increase their spending while they’re there. We’ll take the audience analysis, along with a few other data points, and we’ll sit down with your team and dive into what makes your festival special - why so many people would love to experience it. 

Step 3 - Make it Happen

Now we know your audience. Now we know your festival. Now it’s time to make it all happen! Based on the strategic plan we’ve put together, we’ll recommend a menu of services and you can pick and choose off that menu how you’d like to focus your efforts. Once you have the plan, you can choose to execute it yourself or have us execute it for you.

Step 4 - Measure, Adjust, Adapt

We always measure what we’re doing. Once the ticket sales are in, we’ll take a look and assess the plan, its execution and report the results back to you. Then, we’ll make adjustments based on what we’ve learned and 

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