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What OB Marketing Does for Your Festival

Your festival is fun. Now let’s let the world know about it. OB Marketing can handle all your marketing needs to drive traffic and ticket sales for your festival and show everyone all that your city has to offer. Here are some of the services we offer. And the best part? It’s a la carte, so we build the plan that you need, using only what you need.

Strategic Planning 

Your festival takes a lot of planning before you make everything happen in one glorious event. Your marketing should be the same way. We’ll look at your festival, your primary audiences, and your budget and we’ll build a comprehensive roadmap that drives more ticket sales and drives revenue to your bottom line.

Marketing Consulting

Things change fast. We’re here for the ride. Once we have your plan established, we’ll ride alongside you the whole way to make sure the plan adjusts to the needs of the festival, and your marketing dollars are being spent in the best way possible.

Brand Management

Your brand is how your people in the world know you. OB Marketing will make sure your brand is used properly throughout all your marketing and promotion efforts and ensure a strong reputation and consistent appearance across all platforms.

Advertising and Promotions

Your festival is amazing. You know it and I know it. Now we just need to tell the world about it. We plan, manage and execute full promotions plans that include everything from hyper-targeted digital advertising to traditional advertising like billboards, radio, magazines, and TV. And we’ll customize your promotional efforts to fit your audience and budget.

Media Relations

Local news love telling stories of great festivals. We want to help you make that connection. We’ll find the great stories, write the press releases, and share them with local and regional news outlets as well as bloggers, podcasters, and influencers. Not ready for that interview? That’s all right, we can get you ready.

Social Media Management

The most common way for your audience to interact with your festival is through social media. We’ll communicate with your audience throughout the whole year. We’ll make your audience dream of all the fun they're going to have by going to your festival, and then during festival time, we’ll be answering all the frequently asked questions from how-to’s to, “Can I do this?” questions. We’ll keep the social media humming, while you focus on running a festival.


Website Management

As stories develop, events get announced and guests plan their trips, you need a place where all the information your guests need can be found, and that’s your website. We’ll keep your website up to date with all the latest information and enticing storylines.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still top-notch for letting asking guests to come back to the festival. We’ll write, design and send your emails and will manage the list while we’re at it!

Graphic Design and Creative Direction

There’s no doubt about it, design is a HUGE part of festival marketing. Everything from Christmas cards, to directional signage, to merchandise, to ads, and, of course, the big kahuna - the festival guide/brochure. Our team can manage those projects, write the copy, design the guides, and work with printers to get them in the right hands at the right time.

Digital Asset Management

You have logos, budgets, designs, and photos. Lots and lots of photos (hopefully). So how do you keep them all organized and easy for the whole team to find? We’ve got you covered. We’ll store everything you need, including everything we create, in easy-to-navigate file systems on your native system or on a shared drive.

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